2015 Economic Impact - By the Numbers

OCIB's economic impact has surpassed $1.9 billion.
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Industry News

A 2015 analysis by Applied Economics conservatively estimates that OCIB programs have generated in excess of $1.9 billion in economic impact for Oklahoma. Another study documents that the Board's support of the NBA Hornets has helped produce $74 million in economic benefit for Oklahoma.

Annual outside audits, in addition to a 2005 state audit, have all concluded that OCIB has more than met its legislative mandate of attracting more than $2 of venture capital to Oklahoma companies for every $1 invested by the Board in professionally managed venture capital funds. The 2005 state audit also commended OCIB for the results of its Oklahoma Capital Access Program, serving over a thousand small businesses throughout our state.

That’s just a start…

“Our goal is to build a burgeoning Oklahoma entrepreneurial community by developing a culture here that encourages Oklahomans to view Oklahoma as a key participant in a global economy. It takes time, but, pursued with care, we can help ensure prosperity for our children and grandchildren...” – Devon Sauzek, OCIB President.