2015 Economic Impact - By the Numbers

OCIB's economic impact has surpassed $1.9 billion.
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Industry News


When OCIB was established in 1992, there were 3 local venture capital firms.

Today there are more than fifteen Oklahoma-based venture firms and that many more out of state firms investing in Oklahoma companies.

Venture investment not only takes the form of capital, but also delivers the expertise needed to help Oklahoma ventures become world-class opportunities.

Enabling Legislation

The Oklahoma Capital Formation Act was passed in 1991 and created the Oklahoma Capital Investment Board’s enabling legislation. A year later, a District Court decree clarified the mechanism by which the Board can use its authority to raise capital. Based upon this authority the Board developed its programs.

The Board’s Oklahoma Capital Access Program enrolled its first loan in July 1992. The Board’s Venture Investment Program’s first investment occurred in March of 1993.

OCIB programs have been designed to ensure that the Board attracts at least $2 to Oklahoma projects and businesses for every $1 of principal guaranteed.