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Oklahoma Hosts Summit for Entrepreneurs, Investors

January 11, 2007

Tulsa– Your team has just developed a new cancer treatment that has no adverse side affects. You developed the technology, tested the outcomes and you’re ready to enter the commercial realm. But, how?

Local venture capital firm Oklahoma Equity Partners (OEP) and the Oklahoma Capital Investment Board (OCIB) propose to answer this and the questions of dozens of entrepreneurs at the state’s first Technology Ventures Summit. Set for February 20 -21, the Technology Ventures Summit includes a full day workshop that will feature nationally acclaimed training for entrepreneurs who are seeking to commercialize their ideas and technologies.

The workshop, produced by Development Capital Networks for the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR), will help participants decide which of their product or service ideas is the most promising, and help them build a master plan for commercializing their best ideas.

“Only one percent of formal product concepts become products, and only one percent of those products make money for their owners,” said Paul Huleatt, CEO of World’s Best Technologies and facilitator of the SBIR workshop. “Many entrepreneurs can articulate their ideas and technologies to peers, but get lost in the aspects of financing their venture and picking the best path to the market.” Huleatt says the methods used in the intense day-long workshop have delivered results to hundreds of companies.

“The workshop is only a part of the Technology Venture Summit,” says Devon Sauzek, President of the OCIB, a founding sponsor of the summit. “Entrepreneurs and venture and angel investors seeking to finance their innovative ideas will want to attend the second day of the Summit to hear marketing presentations from some of Oklahoma’s leading technology startups, many with roots at the state’s universities and private institutions.”

Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes Magazine is the keynote speaker for the luncheon to be held on the second day of the Summit. Conference registration is available online at www.ocib.org/tvs.

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