Technology Ventures Summit
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Tap into Oklahoma's entrepreneurial strength.
Join investors and business builders as the state's 3rd Technology
Ventures Summit scheduled for February 15-16 2011 in Tulsa. The two day event
will focus on emerging technology deals and opportunities and nationally acclaimed training for entrepreneurs and angel investors.
Hands-on Workshop Deals and Strategies
Seed Investing as a Team Sport
For Angels
An energetic seminar designed to expand your understanding of business investing, help you locate a team of like-minded investors in your community or region, and provide you tools to optimize your investment dollars.
Technology Deals
For Investors
Up to twelve of the state's best entrepreneurial ventures will present their plans for commercializing innovative technologies to an audience of angels, seed funds and venture investors. See list
Swing for the Fences - Seed Investing Skills
For Entrepreneurs
Fast-paced seminar designed to expand your knowledge of early stage business investing, help you meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in the region, and provide you with tools to improve your chances of raising seed or venture capital.
Change the World as an Entrepreneur
Keynote Luncheon (12:00 to 1:30p)
Enjoy a special luncheon focused on a successful Oklahoma entrepreneur - who built a billion dollar enterprise starting with Oklahoma technology.
Who Should Attend
  • Entrepreneurs seeking seed capital
  • Innovators seeking to commercialize proprietary technologies
  • Investors looking to build angel investor funds
  • Seed and early stage venture investors
  • Enterprising college students and young professionals
  • Businesses seeking to grow with technology
  • Angel investors
  • Technology officers
  • SBIR Award recipients
  • R&D Program Managers
  • Researchers and Scientists
  • Attorneys and Service Providers

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